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EPAC Capital Campaign

Who We Are

We have raised $7,525,000.00 of our $10,000,000.00  goal.

Events and Performing Arts Center Update~ October 2023

The Richland #44 Events and Performing Arts Center is making significant strides toward design finalization and breaking ground. Our budget remains at $10 million, and the building committee is making decisions on what is to be included in the original design and what will wait until further funding is available. The Foundation Board has received draft construction management documents from McGough Construction, the project's construction management company. Final renderings for phase one of the building will be completed by the end of this month. We’ve included a few photos of those renderings.

The bidding process is set for November, and the Foundation expects to have a guaranteed maximum price by early January. Groundbreaking is planned for this spring with a project completion date of July 2025. Members of the Foundation Board continue to attend Colfax City Council meetings to provide updates of the project. Water and sewer have been the main points of discussion. We are grateful to the donors and community members for their continued support of this project and are excited about what this will bring to our community and to our students. We will continue to communicate updates including the groundbreaking information as it approaches this spring.


The Richland #44 Foundation’s plan for the Events and Performing Arts Center has made some great progress the past few months. Following a wonderful fundraising gala in December, the Foundation Board conducted interviews in March for a construction management firm and selected McGough Construction. With the collaboration of McGough and Zerr Berg Architects, an updated construction estimate was determined which exceeded the budget of $10 million. The Foundation Board is dedicated to wisely utilizing the dollars from generous donors and the diversion settlement, so in April the board requested that the architects adjust the plan to fit the budget. 

The architects adjusted the plan and – in order to remain fiscally responsible and meet the desired outcomes of the EPAC – the Foundation Board decided to complete the construction plan in two phases. Phase 1 will focus on the events side of the building and Phase 2 will be the performing arts space. Phase 1 will include the events space, lobby, bar, kitchen, restrooms, community and VIP rooms, courtyard, and all infrastructure needed to build the center.  

By the end of June, the Foundation Board plans to approve the updated architectural designs so that the construction management firm can lock in costs by the end of July.  The Foundation Board will utilize this website to provide updates. Please reach out to Foundation Board members with questions or comments. 

An Unprecedented Opportunity.
The Richland #44 Foundation has the unprecedented opportunity to secure funds to develop a vibrant, welcoming performing arts and conference center. A gem on the prairie– the core of arts, culture, and community.  

Why do we have this opportunity?
The Richland Wilkin Joint Powers Authority (RWJPA) is the recipient of funds from the Fargo diversion settlement.  To date $35,000,000 has been received by the RWJPA, 60% of which goes to Richland County.  The RWJPA has graciously earmarked $5,500,000 of these funds for the Richland #44 School District and Foundation for the purpose of constructing a performing arts and events center.  

To receive the funding, the Richland #44 Foundation must provide $2,000,000.00 match to be used toward project costs. These matched funds can be committed by the Richland #44 Foundation, be raised by donors, or be a combination of both sources.

How you can make an impact!
You are the catalyst. You can empower students, community members, and audiences in Richland #44 communities. Now is the best possible time to become a part of this historic project.