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EPAC Capital Campaign

Who We Are

We have raised $7,525,000.00 of our $10,000,000.00  goal.

An Unprecedented Opportunity.
The Richland #44 Foundation has the unprecedented opportunity to secure funds to develop a vibrant, welcoming performing arts and conference center. A gem on the prairie– the core of arts, culture, and community.  

Why do we have this opportunity?
The Richland Wilkin Joint Powers Authority (RWJPA) is the recipient of funds from the Fargo diversion settlement.  To date $35,000,000 has been received by the RWJPA, 60% of which goes to Richland County.  The RWJPA has graciously earmarked $5,500,000 of these funds for the Richland #44 School District and Foundation for the purpose of constructing a performing arts and events center.  

To receive the funding, the Richland #44 Foundation must provide $2,000,000.00 match to be used toward project costs. These matched funds can be committed by the Richland #44 Foundation, be raised by donors, or be a combination of both sources.

How you can make an impact!
You are the catalyst. You can empower students, community members, and audiences in Richland #44 communities. Now is the best possible time to become a part of this historic project.