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About Us

Who We Are


The Foundation assists Richland #44 Schools in their educational mission while also focusing on long term goals and financial stability. 

The Richland #44 School District Foundation’s mission is to raise funds for innovative programs and facilities that enhance the educational experience and opportunities for students and staff, thereby enriching the quality of life for the greater community and helping prepare students for the twenty-first century.

In partnership with the community, the Richland #44 School District Foundation financially supports creative programs that stimulate excellence in the areas of academics, the arts, and extra-curricular activities while enriching and enhancing the education offered by the Richland #44 School District. The Richland #44 School District Foundation also awards scholarship monies to students who pursue post-secondary education.

The Foundation remains neutral on district policy.

Strategic Direction

As a non-profit organization, the Richland #44 School District Foundation funds innovative programs and facilities that supplement and are outside the normal operations of the Richland #44 School District, but are consistent with the District’s long-range goals. Examples the Richland #44 School Foundation can support are listed on the document attached.